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Our Future

The key to the future of the organisation will be attracting more volunteers.

The Society is responsible for the running of the historic Pioneer Village.  It has a full committee in place, is well structured and solvent but is running out of people to spread the load.

It is the biggest concentration of historic buildings in the region and as such immensely valuable to the community.

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What we do


  • collect and conserve local memorabilia

  • collect information about the district and make it available for researchers

  • welcome visitors, provide refreshments

  • encourage children to appreciate the past

  • housekeep 

  • maintain gardens, create new ones

  • maintain the buildings

  • build, alter, renovate and restore furniture, machinery and anything else that requires it

  • organise bus trips and meetings

  • discuss, debate, argue, plan

  • laugh a lot

Help Preserve the Past

The land, near the top of Silverdale Street, was gifted to the Council of the day by the Lloyd family and became a way of preserving local history. Historic buildings that were in danger of being lost to the community were brought there, starting over 50 years ago. They were restored and maintained by Society members.

Among the buildings on the site are a bushman’s hut, the Dairy Flat Post Office, Upper Waiwera School, a Wesleyan Chapel and Firth Cottage.

If more people don’t step forward to help, it’s difficult to say what will happen to the village.  It’s so important to look after our heritage.

A few hours of your time each month is all that is required.

There are many situations where you can help, for example

  • Help with hosting visitors to the Pioneer Village

  • Help with Archives by accessioning objects, storage, display, research, sewing or mending

  • Help out in the garden

  • Help arrange the displays and keep the objects clean

  • Help with special exhibitions, i.e. research and assemble

  • Help when tour groups visit

  • Do you have general Handyman skills 


If so we’d like to hear from you

Please phone and leave your name and phone number or call back during the weekend

Our phone number is 09 426 8272  or Phone Sue on 021630520 


You will be part of a friendly team and can participate in our monthly events which are legendary!

Your Participation


The Silverdale & Districts Historical Society needs more volunteers

Are you curious about the history 0f our district and would like to learn more?  Would you like to be part of our enthusiastic team?

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